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The latest News:

The 29th China International Bicycle Fair took place from 6 May 2019 to 9 May 2019 in Shanghai. Every year, hundreds of thousands industry insiders visit the exhibition. This year, Solar became an exhibitor and displayed the new collects of 2019 push bikes and kid bikes.

ViuTV would introduce a new reality TV show, which is about some little bike riders who aged between 2 to 5 to ride on their push bikes and take part in push bike racing competitions.

In Sept 2017, two racing competitions were launched at “apm” shopping mall, Kwun Tong. Adam Cook won the championship in the charity race and the push bike he used was Solar B push bike.

Solar Bicycles Sponsored Solar B for Brian Cook's son, in Jan Lamb (林海峰) - Y.F. Express (逆風速遞) official MV。In the MV, his son was riding Solar B bravely against the wind, fast and handsome. 

Brian Cook, Asian Games Bronze Medalist at Downhill Mountain Biking.

Even famous ​Actor/Artist like Sammo Hung (洪金寶) praised Solar B as an incredible push bike. 

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